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Our 20+ years of experienced highly qualified professionals and skilled human resources can be the most reliable partner for your successful business activity.

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By proving audit, service our professional team analyzes and consults for the customers’ financial culture, business activity, risks in the business environment while providing financial statement auditing and assuring information.

According to the decree No.09 of the Financial Regulatory Commission on 15th January 2014 obtained a license to perform an audit in the insurance company, by the decree No117 and 119 of 2015 licensed to auditing in the securities market and to perform valuation service.

The company has complied with all requirements of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in accordance with the Law on Accounting and year by year has been increasing the scope of services by obtaining licenses to perform audit and valuation services to the insurance companies and securities market participants.

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Each legal business entities prepare financial statements and deliver them to its’ customers for different purposes. The purpose of an audit is to provide accurate and reliable financial information to its customers.

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